Step 1: Carefully remove your strand from the box. One end will be open and the other will have a knot, be sure to firmly grasp the open (knotless) end....we don't want to lose any beads!!!!


Step 2: Wrap the strand around your body, bring the knotted and open end to the front. We recommend doing this in front of a mirror.


Step 3: Please take your time and decide where and how tight or loose you want your waist beads, this process should not be rushed. Simple cross the strands to see where you would like your knot. You can slide some beads off to make room for the knot but we recommend gently pushing them to the edge just in case you change your mind.


Step 4: Once you have the strand positioned(ensure that there are no spaces by pushing beads snug against each other before knotting). Form an X and tie a knot, pull taught and tie another knot, pull excess string taught and tie a third knot for extra security. (You can tie as many knots as you want, but we recommend a minimum of three).


Step 5: Now you may cut the excess string and remaining beads off. Please cut no less than 1/4 of and inch from the last knot. You want to cut slightly above the knot, but refrain from cutting directly on top of the knot. The string will appear frayed at this point and will flatten out over time; however, some women like to take a lighter to the frayed ends (We do not recommend this).


Step 6: You may now rotate the bead so the knot is in the back. Congratulations, you have now been Waisted by Cherie Coco!


Please be mindful of pulling/tugging strands when getting under dressed and taking bottoms down. Please avoid any aggressive pulls or playing with the beads (espically when wet for the first two weeks of wearing.